Carnival 2020 is on... virtually speaking! - June 2020

Virtual Carnival 2020 is ON!

‘It’s Carnival Jim but not as we know it!!’

Yes folks, as promised

Virtual Carnival 2020 is definitely on its way

You don’t need 2020 vision to see it, but an internet connection would be helpful

Thanks to an amazing array of contributors and the wonders of technology

the Carnival Committee proudly presents


“Like you’ve never seen it before!”

Although we had to take the difficult decision to abandon our planned carnival program for this year due to COVID-19 we were determined that Malmesbury would continue its great carnival tradition in 2020 even if the format had to change because of circumstance beyond our control.


The ‘virtual’ program will include talks by famous local historians; quizzes; photographic and Lego building competitions; garden parties and virtual tours of Malmesbury’s secret gardens; the Scarecrow Trail and much, much more. In fact there are over 27 events planned to take place throughout August so make sure you keep up to date with developments by visiting our website.

We will be using Zoom, the Flying Monk radio station and other platforms to reach out to as many people in their homes as possible and although it is not our intention to ticket these events we very much hope that people will make donations to our Giving Page so that Carnival will be in a position to support our local charities as in previous years – even more important this year, then ever before

We will not be seeking sponsorship from our local businesses this year as we know how difficult times are, and will be, for everyone for the foreseeable future.

Naturally, if local business wants to support what carnival is about -reaching out to the community because ‘carnival is by the people for the people’ – we’d obviously be very delighted!

Above all else, we want Virtual carnival 2020 to be an opportunity to celebrate together, SAFELY, being part of this wonderful community of ours and to mark positively how everyone has been so supportive of one another during these difficult times.


Malmesbury Carnival 2020 News - COVID-19 - March 2020

Dear residents

Since the beginning of the crisis , the Committee has discussed in depth what the Covid-19 pandemic seems to mean for the world and especially our country and of course, for Malmesbury. We have based our discussions, as you will have, on the information available to all via the various news sites etc, all of which continue to reflect an ever-changing and difficult picture.

At this present moment in time the regular updates provided by the government seem to indicate that the country could expect that many of the current (and proposed) measures to combat the infection could well be in place for the greater part of this year.

It will come as no surprise to you that we all felt that the full programme of events - as currently planned-cannot and will not take place.

This view is based upon all the considerations currently guiding the government's and everyone else's thinking.

Our Carnival must take into account:

the high levels of risk involved in groups of people coming together;
the stress that so many, if not all, of our committee members may well be under as well as the needs all the providers of the programme’s events;
the state of the numerous organisations and businesses to whom Carnival normally turns to for help and sponsorship;
the need to maintain the Carnival’s finances for the future and, above all else,
the huge uncertainty as to the overall state of our country and the local populace when the Carnival month arrives.
However, the Committee is naturally reluctant to break the continuity of Carnival and so, to ensure that we have some events to brighten the month of August, we are looking at ways of presenting a smaller number of virtual Carnival events and we hope to be able to advertise this programme to you in the next few weeks.

We are also planning for the possibility, however slight, when the country is bathed in sunshine and has been given a clean bill of health by the government so that we can still celebrate Carnival with a Procession, and possibly music, of some kind. After all, Carnival is: By the Community, for the Community.

Keep watching the Carnival website and Facebook for more news about our virtual events!

With very best wishes, on behalf of all of the Committee,

Mike Harding/Paul Overton (Co-Chairs), Linzi Renshaw (Secretary), Will Taylor (Treasurer)

If you would like to become a sponsor in 2021, please contact us here


All our "virtual" events require pre-registration.
They are FREE but donations are welcome!