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Carnival Taskmaster

“Welcome to Malmesbury does Taskmaster!”

We are sure many of you know and love Taskmaster on Dave and Channel 4 and its lockdown spinoff, Hometasking. Having always wanted to stage Carnival Taskmaster, Covid gifted us Hometasking and therefore a way for many people to take part. Then, Tweetmeister Andy contacted ‘Little’ Alex Horne and was delighted to learn that he was happy to back the idea!

Alex has made us a video introduction from the Taskmaster house, which can be seen on the Malmesbury Carnival YouTube Channel and Facebook page.

So, Malmesbury Carnival 2021 has the Taskmaster team on board and we hope lots of families, friends, schools, clubs, businesses etc. will get on board too. Once you have registered, you will receive full instructions for taking part, Alex’s introduction to the actual task (and we think it’s a good’un!), and a link to the original competition for inspiration.

First prize will be to go down in the annals of Taskmaster winners, lead the Carnival Procession walking participants, and receive some amazing Taskmaster merchandise!
We look forward to your “super” entries…

Event Properties

Event Date Wed 14-Jul
Event End Date Fri 20-Aug
Cut off date Tue 17-Aug
Individual Price £5.00
Location Facebook / Youtube
Categories Family Fun