by the community, for the community


Covid Safety

We are all very aware of Covid and the current national messages about possible Covid impact through summer.

Malmesbury Carnival is committed to making Carnival Events as safe as possible.

Way back in February we were agonising about what we could do so our approach is based on months of discussions and meetings.

We have engaged with Wiltshire Council as the regulatory body who are aware of what we are planning, particularly for the big Events like Procession and Petticoat Lane and have been very supportive. As of mid-July, and announcements on Step 4, we await their final approvals. We’ve also linked with Malmesbury Town Council and greatly appreciate the support and encouragement both Councils have offered.

We’ve kept up to speed with the huge volume of changing legislation and guidance.

We’ve looked at each Event and identified what measures we need to put in place to make them as safe as possible. We take care of some of those measures like limiting numbers at Events. We’ve also looked at each venue to check out things like ventilation, hand sanitiser, cleaning etc. etc...

Some of the measures we’ve identified are the responsibility of you as members of our community attending Carnival Events. Some measures are common between Events and can be seen in our Covid General Guidance. Paper copies will be available when purchasing tickets at the Town Hall.

In addition to this, some Events have specific measures we’d ask you to follow which can be seen on the Event descriptions and again will be available with tickets at the Town Hall.

We’ve really tried to make thing as safe as we can. Now we also want you to help us keep things safe by following our guidance and respecting our volunteer Stewards.

With all that, we now really hope the whole Community can enjoy everything Carnival 2021 has to offer!!

Carnival Radio will be back in the Summer