Message from the Carnival Committee

Firstly our thanks to everyone who’s contributed, participated, lived and breathed the carnival over the last several months. By being part of Carnival you will be celebrating something special, an event dating back to at least 1933!

This is Malmesbury’s carnival; by the community for the community.

Thanks to the efforts of last year’s committee, nearly £17K was raised for local good causes and charities. We hope to at least be able to do the same this year.

But, the carnival is about more than even this. Carnival has always been about connecting the community, raising our town’s profile and having fun too! This is a legacy we are keen to nurture.

On behalf of the committee we would like to thank our sponsors, hosts, players, volunteers and everyone else who helps make Malmesbury Carnival the amazing event it is.

Want to really know more, check out our face book page, look at the Website, or come to our brand new launch event, ‘Carnival Blast Off!’, on Saturday July 20th!

See you at Carnival!

Mike & Paul

Co-Chairs, Malmesbury Carnival

Carnival Committee Members




Spent a life managing the education of small children. So probably feels right at home co-leading this Committee….!! Possibly part of the Burni-Row mafia.
Likes sophistication in electronics and excel spreadsheets, plumbing, and beer. But not necessarily in that order. Potentially another member of the Burni-Row mafia.
The human dynamo. Connect Linzi to the National Grid and you've solved Climate Change.  Simply organises everything.
Controls the purse strings and won't allow Committee to use Carnival funds at the bar… Another member of the Burni-Row mafia
Deputy Chair
The iron man of the Committee. Wrought iron that is. Can explain why you can't fill a curved arch with a curved door. Think about it. We had to.
Ever read and enjoyed the Jackdaw, previously the Carnival Times ?? A hard working, genuine humourist. And nearly 40 years experience with Carnival…
A Malmesbury stalwart and a Carnival stalwart. We're behind Steve (on the White Walls walk !!).
Always the diplomat. Actually the international diplomat. Although possibly another member of the Burni-Row mafia ??
Every Committee needs a football legend. And we have ours !!
We think that surface charm hides a steel core. But we only ever see the surface charm !!
Just moved to Malmesbury. But hang on, didn't he live in that same house before he moved to Bath ?? Claims he came back 'cos Bath doesn't have a Carnival…!!
Kate H
A real Carnival Flyer. Often to be seen in the Parade. Or in running shoes - and covered in mud !!
Loves history and gardens. The perfect person to help arrange those Carnival Events !!
Surely spends most of his life counting children. Then realised another one had arrived !! Our congratulations !!
Carnival is bread and butter to Jo.  Or bread mainly. And cakes. Hobb knobs at the local bakers.
This man rewound the dynamo's on every plane in the current Battle of Britain flight. Match that on your CV !!
Another Carnival stalwart. But beware, tends to holiday near volcanoes during the thunder storm season…
An Athelstan Player so a pure class act !!
Wish we could run 10k as quick as Sarah !!
Expected to be the scourge of local business by pestering for Carnival sponsorship. Completely taken aback by huge business support for Carnival. He's still recovering.
Kate J
A therapist, she quickly recognised the Marketing sub-committee needed help. But we thought she was talking about our Social Media posts….. Eeek !!


Stick with us, this bit is more interesting than it sounds!

  • The Committee are all Volunteers (and as such they should get an orange at Christmas. At least one).
  • You can Volunteer in our Annual General Meeting. In 2019 it's on 4th December.
  • Be prepared for hard work, fun, hard work, a real sense of reward and hard work. Have we got the message across?

Would you like to Volunteer? We'd love to hear from you at

Malmesbury Carnival is registered with the Charities Commission, our registration is 1144055. Carnival has a Constitution and By-Laws. As a Charity, Carnival has Trustees.

The Charities Commission says:

Trustees are the people who lead the charity and decide how it is run. Being a trustee means making decisions that will impact on people's lives. Depending on what the charity does, you will be making a difference to your local community or to society as a whole.Trustees use their skills and experience to support their charities, helping them achieve their aims. Trustees also often learn new skills during their time on the board.

We can't argue with that.

Carnival has Officers. We have a Chairperson (or two co-chairs in 2019). Also a Deputy Chair, Treasurer, Secretary. Most of the Trustees are also Officers.

Then we have the Committee. As many as you like because there's a lot to do...

So what do they all do?

  • Organise Carnival
  • Book locations
  • Book acts
  • Chalk out pitches for Petticoat Lane
  • Collect raffle prizes from local businesses
  • Organise printing of posters
  • Meet people (lots of people)
  • Put the barriers out for Procession
  • Encourage Grant Applications for local causes
  • and... ensure Carnival is enjoyable to everyone – including themselves!

And they all make a difference to our local community and help ensure malmesbury continues to be that very special place to live!


For ticketed events, advance ticket purchase are always advisable.